Cartoon-like drawing of an Aries woman with ram horns.
Zodiac Signs That Definitely Won't Work With An Aries
Aries will probably find Taurus boring, and Taurus will probably see Aries as reckless. Taurians can also be one of the most stubborn zodiac signs, betraying a nasty temper when pushed out of their comfort zone which the adventurous Aries will most assuredly do.
Cancerians can be very critical and passive-aggressive, which clashes with Aries' blunt, air-clearing approach to arguments. Any relationship between these two signs will likely end up rife with disagreements and resentment.
Aries may find Capricorns' organized and systematic lifestyle stifling, while Capricorns will be irritated by Aries' careless, laissez-faire outlook. Capricorns place a lot of importance on things that Aries find frustrating and restrictive, making this pairing a tough one from the start.
Where Aries tends to belabor their point with aggression and a raised voice, Pisces prefers to retreat. On this uneven playing field, an Aries-Pisces couple is much more likely to cause irreparable damage to their relationship than resolve any conflicts.