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Your Ultimate Guide To Understanding Sagittarius Zodiac Sign
The Myth
According to Greek mythology, there was a centaur and archer named Chiron whose noble character impressed Zeus, and when Chiron was prisoned by hydra blood, Zeus placed his image in the night sky. In another version of this myth, Chiron was a fierce warrior whose arrow was always pointed at the fearsome scorpion to the west.
Modality, Season, & Element
Sagittarius is a fire sign which makes them truth seekers and world travelers with innate wisdom. This optimistic sign is not afraid of challenges, and they are able to connect deeply with others; however, they can be polarizing, especially during an argument.
Planetary Ruler
Jupiter rules over Sagittarius which is associated with gratitude, bounty, and goodwill; the planet contributes to the zodiac sign’s charming sense of humor and optimism. This sign is big into studying philosophy and spiritual intelligence; however, Jupiter can cause this sign to struggle with maintaining a routine.
This sign’s flowers are carnations which represent pure love, hydrangeas which represent grace and beauty, and peonies which symbolize wealth and goodwill. Their gemstone is topaz which increases relaxation and releases tension; blue topaz is particularly useful if they need to meditate or take a moment to connect with their intuition.
Herbal Allies
Sagittarius has a strong connection to specific herbs, like dandelion roots which are full of vitamins and minerals to treat the liver. This sign greatly benefits from lemon balms which have a powerful aroma that reduces stress anxiety, and aids will sleep disorders.