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Your Ultimate Guide To Grieving A Break-Up
A study showed that people who had recently experienced a breakup and were shown photos of their exes exhibited similar brain activity on MRI scans to people who had experienced physical pain. Because breakups are so painful, crying can be necessary and helpful.
Mind Your Mental Health
While taking space to feel your feelings is healthy, you need to set a limit on these feelings for the sake of your mental health. If you find yourself crying uncontrollably for days or you feel physically affected or numb to the point of not being able to function day-to-day, consider seeing your healthcare provider.
Beware Social Media
Although it's natural to want to do so, spying on your ex on social media can make it harder to move on. Equally harmful is writing snarky remarks on their posts, as you'll likely regret it once you're over the grieving process.
Save The Drama
If you must announce your breakup online, post a short and sweet statement and move on with your life. Keep the details and motives of the break-up to your inner circle, avoid any salty interactions in public, and save your acquaintances from the soap opera.
Once you are past that initial emotional state post-break-up, use the pain of the breakup as motivation pushing you toward your romantic and personal goals. According to Attuned Psychology, "It's called a BREAK up because something was broken, it wasn't working. Healthy, happy relationships do not end, unless of course someone passes away."