Gua sha scraping acupuncture
Your Guide To Body Combing, The Everyday Skin Sculpting Practice
Body Combing
Gua sha dates back to ancient Chinese traditions and even the Paleolithic Age, helping to drain areas that retain more water and helps alleviate places of poor circulation. Rubbing the body in certain areas with these tools helps blood circulation and is believed to cure diseases.
What Does It Do?
Under the energy-based nature of Chinese philosophy, they believe that the body is made up of meridians, and that gua sha and body combing can open up blocked channels. By promoting lymphatic drainage, gua sha tools help with weight loss, improved circulation, and skin renewal.
Add It To Your Routine
To open up your body's meridians and reduce swelling or pain, start by sweeping your tool along the outside of your arms, legs, or other limbs for six strokes, and then move to diagonal strokes for your center and torso. You should feel like your muscles are getting a deep-tissue massage.