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Why You Should Try A Butterfly Stretch If You WFH
If you work from home all day sitting at a computer, chances are, you need to relieve stiffness. For those who don’t have time for yoga classes, the butterfly stretch is for you.
A butterfly stretch can make waves when it comes to staying in alignment. When done properly and for the right amount of time, it can alleviate tightness in the hips.
Sit on a yoga mat and put the soles of your feet together. The closer your feet are to your body, the deeper the stretch will be.
With your knees open and hands on your feet, elongate the spine and press your chin to your chest. You can also opt to wrap your pointer fingers around your big toes.
Modify the stretch to suit your body; if you have back pain, do the stretch against a wall for support. You can also recline and lay on your back for a deeper stretch.
Add a pillow or yoga block under the middle of your back to open up your chest. You can also bend all the way forward so your torso touches the mat for a deep stretch.
Hip Relaxation
When the hips are flexible and relaxed, the rest of the body benefits. This is key for remote workers who don’t always sit in the most aligned postures.
There are certain ergonomic chairs that are geared toward hip health and provide extra support, like the Steelcase Series 2 Office Chair.