Close-up of woman's eye and eyelashes.
Why You Should Only Pluck Your Eyebrows After A Shower
Whether you like thin, straight eyebrows or thick, full eyebrows, one of the biggest challenges to the brow game is keeping stray hairs in line. Many people may wax, thread, or microblade their eyebrows, but if you need to pluck a few stray hairs, the perfect time to do it is after a shower.
Tweezing each individual hair can be painful, but showering before can
help ease the pain because, as dermatologist Sapna Palep says, “Hot water can change the structure of the skin, make it more pliable, and loosen up the material in it so it's more easily flushed out.” Your skin will be more flexible after a shower, making it less difficult to pluck away hairs.
If you need to pluck your eyebrows but don’t want to take a shower, wash your face with warm water or put a hot, damp cloth over your brows to open up the pores, then tweeze as normal. You can also exfoliate your skin a few hours before plucking them, then add a hydrating oil or a non-comedogenic, water-based moisturizer to improve the health of your brows.