Why You May Be Getting More Migraines During Your Period
Migraines are a headache that's so severe that you can actually feel it throbbing and pulsing in your head, lasting anywhere from a few hours to a few days, but for some people, they get migraines while they menstruate, which can be even more excruciating. Here's why it's happening.
According to research by the Cleveland Clinic, 70% of people who experience migraines are women, and of these women, 60% to 70% experience them around or during their periods. For those who only suffer from migraines when they have their period, that's known as menstrual migraines.
According to OB/GYN Dr. Holly
Miller, "The most common reason for
a headache, specifically a migraine headache, is the natural decline in estrogen levels that occurs as the menstrual period begins." Miller continues, "This is most noticeable for the two days prior to the start of
the menstrual cycle and the
first three days of it."