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Which Hair Texture Types Should Avoid
A Medium
Wolf Cut?
The wolf cut continues to gain popularity and no matter your hair length or face shape, you're more than likely to find a type of wolf cut that will work best for you. However, because the medium version of this cut relies on heavy layering, there are some hair textures that it will work on better than others.
A wolf cut has tons of short layers in the front and long layers in the back, so this cut will look best if you have thick, curly hair because it’ll make your curls stand out and give you more volume. Very thin and fine hair should stay away from a medium wolf cut as it will be high maintenance and will make your hair look flat and frizzy.
If you have thin hair but still want a wolf cut, use a thickening shampoo and conditioner, and style your hair by brushing from the roots to the ends and round it through as you blow dry. This will give you volume, and use volumizing products to make your hair appear thicker and last all day.