Woman applying face cream in a mirror
Where Should Snail Mucin Go In Your Skincare Routine?
Snail mucin is the sticky substance snails leave behind with crawling. TikTok has recently made it popular, but it’s been around for years in Korean beauty.
Snail mucin has hyaluronic acid, AHAs, and allantoin. Curology explains that these ingredients allow it to promote collagen production, provide moisture, and gently exfoliate.
Skincare products with snail mucin are great for those with acne or dehydrated skin. They have glycolic acid, the AHA in mucin that unclogs pores through chemical exfoliation.
Snail mucin serums are lightweight and provide skin with a protective barrier, similar to gel products. To apply them, use two to three pumps of the product.
Snail mucin creams are heavier and focus on hydrating the skin. They are best for normal to oily skin types, as they add moisture without clogging pores.
For snail mucin to be effective, first wash your face with a cleanser and pat it dry. Then, use any base-layer product, like toners or chemical exfoliants.
Next, apply your serums, with the thinner products going on before any thicker ones. Depending on the ones you use, you may have to use snail mucin before or after them.
After applying lighter products, use a dense moisturizer to keep your skincare on your skin. If using snail mucin cream, use it as a final layer or follow up with a moisturizer.