Charlotte Groeneveld wears black sunglasses, a gold chain necklace, a black and white tie and dye print pattern long skirt
What’s The Real Difference Between Stealth Wealth & Quiet Luxury?
Stealth wealth and quiet luxury dressing are two trends with one fundamental difference between them that is crucial to know in order to avoid giving others the wrong impression.
Those who practice “stealth wealth” dressing are truly trying to hide their affluence, while quiet luxury is just another (albeit, very understated) way to appear wealthy.
Quiet luxury ditches recognizable labels that make it easy for people to know what they cost. Instead, it relies on the traditional idea of what a wealthy person dresses like.
Typically, it involves primary colors, high-quality fabrics, and good tailoring. The goal is still to appear wealthy in an old-money way rather than a new-money way.
Comparatively, stealth wealth is characterized by a person trying to hide their (usually extreme) prosperity to make themselves seem more relatable.
YouTube channel ModernGurlz explains stealth wealth is "less of a fashion aesthetic and more of a psychological strategy" to help wealthy people avoid being targets of envy.
While both trends rely on simplistic clothing and can often blend together, stealth wealth ultimately hides one’s prosperity and quiet luxury employs upper-class fashion trends.