Gentle camouflage gel polish on long square nails with a French design. Hands with a professional manicure in a shirt. Trendy nail coating with French design.
What's The Difference Between Hard Gel And Soft Gel Manicures?
Manicure trends come and go, but gel nails have remained one of the go-to looks. However, gel nails have two types, hard and soft gel; if you go to a salon, they don’t always specify which one they give you, so take it upon yourself to learn the difference.
As nail artist Mamié Onishi explains, "In practice, both can be used for any nail type. Soft gel is flexible and durable, but hard gel is stickier and more useful for gel tip extensions and repair." Hard gel is stronger and must be removed by a professional, while soft gel can be removed with acetone and is more pliable.
Hard gel can be used to extend the nail into any shape, like a stiletto or coffin shape, and unlike soft gel, it can be used to create three-dimensional elements. Soft gel is typically cheaper, costing an average of $45 per manicure (as opposed to $80 for hard gel).