Woman wearing a pore strip on her nose
What's Really Happening When You Use A Pore Strip?
Water Activates Pore Strips
Before applying a pore strip, put some warm water on your nose and then add the pore strip so that the water and pores attract one another, allowing it to rip the gunk out of your pores. If you don’t wet your pores, you run the risk of your pore strip not working and not sticking properly.
The adhesive is activated by water to stick to your nose, but dermatologist Robert Anolik says pore strips “removes the hydrating oils from your skin,” which in turn, “your skin produces more oil.” Build-up can end up clogging your pores which can lead to more blackheads and breakouts.
Excess Dirt & Oil
The adhesive and water mix help remove blackheads which is a build-up of dirt and oil. The whole process usually takes around 15 minutes and usually ends with all the gunk being ripped out of your nose, resulting in clearer-looking skin.