A woman sits close to an illuminated mirror at a dressing table. She concentrates while applying lipgloss.
What To Look For When Buying A Fridge For Your Beauty Products
While it isn’t necessary for your beauty and skincare products to be chilled, cold products can feel nice on a hot day or relieve sunburnt or irritated skin. Items kept in a skincare fridge, such as gel and water-based items like serums, light creams, sprays, jade rollers, and gua shas, will help them last longer.
What Size To Get?
To decide what size is right for you, take an inventory of the items you want to store in your fridge and the amount of counter space you have. A 4-liter fridge (left) is a great choice if you have six or fewer smaller products, however, if you have more items, go up a few sizes, like the 10-liter fridge (right), which holds up to 11 various-sized products.
The Temperature Settings
Your beauty products don’t need to be held in a cold environment, such as a kitchen fridge. Skincare fridges will have a standard temperature range of 40 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit, but some have ranges that give the options to both heat and cool your beauty and skincare products.