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What To Know Before Wearing Your Favorite Sneakers To Work
While sneakers are now joining the ranks of work-friendly footwear, picking the right pair for an office environment isn't as easy as throwing on your favorite pair of sneakers.
Nowadays, the width and depth of the sneakers market include unique styles for all occasions, including dressier shoe fashions that are perfect for exuding a professional vibe.
Stylist Heather Newberger told Marie Claire that the best office sneakers are those that are "smart and reflect minimal flair," like those made from vegan leather.
Newberger adds that you're also better off with sneakers that have low-profile treads rather than chunky, sporty soles, which shows the shoe is intended for fashion over athletics.
As for style, stick with neutrals and earth tones, which provide a classy palette. Look for sneakers made from traditional workplace fabrics like leather, suede, or wool.
It's also important to keep the condition of your work sneakers in mind. To project a competent image, they should be kept neat and tidy at all times.