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What To Know Before Getting Into A Relationship With A Scorpio
Scorpios are devoted, honest, and loyal friends and lovers, but they can also be prone to “transformation, movement, and eruption," according to astrologer Emma Toynbee. If you're considering getting into a relationship with a Scorpio, here's what you should know beforehand.
While Scorpios may be hard to read, you'll know if one is into you, as the Scorpio partner is seductive, protective, and fiercely devoted. You may want to pass on a relationship with a Scorpio if quick and fierce attachment scares you as they will likely want to hang out 24/7.
The downside to Scorpio's intense passion is that it can lead to jealousy, and once they have you, they'll need consistent confirmation that no one else does. The best match for a Scorpio is someone who can set boundaries, but once you do they’ll thrive under the structure.