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What To Know About Upside Down Hair Washing
Washing hair upside down requires you to apply shampoo and conditioner with one’s head tilted downward so that the hair falls forward, rather than with one’s head tilted backward. Hair experts say upside-down hair washing seems to have some benefits, but it might not be for everyone.
Hair stylist Helen Reavey says washing hair upside down is “a really good tip, especially for people who want volume or have curls” and you’re “giving the root a little lift and allowing the product to spread much easier, resulting in a better cleanse.” While hair stylist Lisa Abbey says certain hair types will see more benefit, like “fine or silky hair.”
There don’t appear to be many drawbacks, but Reavey explains, “washing your hair upside down can definitely be a bit uncomfortable or inconvenient.” It also may not be the best option for those with medical conditions that could be made worse by moving the head and neck in the position required to use this technique.