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What To Know About The Three Types Of Gemini Sun
If you’ve ever met a Gemini or anyone else who didn’t fit their sun sign, it could be because of their Mercury placement, which represents how we communicate
with others.
1. Gemini Sun & Taurus Mercury
This sun and Mercury combination may seem a bit more grounded than a stereotypical Gemini, and they may often feel as though they aren't being heard in the way they desire to be.
The Taurus influence makes them a bit more stubborn, and may influence them to communicate through gift-giving. Taurus Mercuries also tend to be loyal and persistent.
2. Gemini Sun & Gemini Mercury
This Gemini combination often struggles to make decisions as they are very much in their own head. They are also known as shapeshifters who constantly adapt to their environment.
Gemini suns are the sign most likely to gossip, and with a Gemini in Mercury, chances are high they will know all the tea. Geminis are excitable and love to know what’s going on.
3. Gemini Sun & Cancer Mercury
This placement lends itself more to emotional communication, which translates to emotional reactions and guiding relationships with feelings. They hate being in conflict.
It’s easy to open up to a Gemini sun with a Cancer Mercury, and even with Gemini’s gossip reputation, this tender-hearted combination will honor you and keep your secrets safe.