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What To Know About The Rage Applying Trend
1. What Is Rage Applying?
Rage applying, the act of impulsively submitting job applications when angry with your own job, isn’t new behavior, and some people have actually found success using this method.
TikTok user @redweez said, “I got mad at work and I rage applied to like 15 jobs. And then I got a job that gave me a $25,000 raise.” So, there are some benefits to this technique.
2. The Pros
While rage applying may seem risky, it can motivate you, help you recognize better opportunities, and encourage you to apply for positions you may not have considered before.
If you're the type who struggles with self-doubt, riding a wave of anger might help you grab the bull by the horns and end up changing your whole life for the better.
3. When Rage Applying Backfires
Rage applying for jobs can have hazards, such as your current employer finding out, and the risks of making rash decisions about any job offer without thinking it through.
Making a hasty decision to leave your job could not only ding you financially but leave you in a position that's no better than the one you just left.