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What To Know About The Nail Cycling Manicure Trend
Manicures and pedicures have evolved into wearable art, but as beautiful as nail art is to the naked eye, it can cause quite the sinister situation underneath all of
that paint.
For example, gel and SNS manicures can result in weakened and brittle nails, and skin aging from UV exposure. Fortunately, nail cycling can help to mitigate some of the damage.
Nail cycling involves taking a break between intense manicure styles by opting for regular manicures or skipping polish altogether to give the nails time to rejuvenate and recover.
To avoid perpetually cracked, grooved, and brittle nails, take a break every 8-10 weeks to give the nail matrix, which is where new fingernails generate, the opportunity to heal.
To help nails heal quickly, moisturize them regularly and wear rubber gloves while cleaning or washing dishes. You can also apply nail hardeners and take biotin supplements.
Be mindful of salon hygiene practices. If a salon has multiple clients dip their fingers into the same products, back away slowly, as that can breed fungi, bacteria, and viruses.