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What To Know About The Importance Of Your Mars Return
Planetary returns are when a planet is back to the position it was in when you were born. Mars returns every two years, influencing emotions, willpower, stamina, and motivation.
If you notice a pattern of heightened liveliness and accomplishment every couple of years, followed by more internal, quiet periods, this may be thanks to your Mars return.
Many astrology sites provide return charts so you can prepare. It's wise to rest and practice self-care before a Mars return so you can make the most of the energetic shifts.
To maximize the benefits of a Mars return, channel the uplifted energy towards your established plans and goals, being mindful of potential impulsiveness and recklessness.
Stay active, and anticipate some of the conflict and struggle that may arise so you can focus on the positive forces you want to take advantage of to propel you on your journey.