Men's shoe damaged by salt in winter
What To Do If Your Shoes End Up Stained From Road Salt This Winter
Leather is vulnerable to dryness, which can lead to cracking, and once that happens, there is no fixing it, but it can be prevented. Leather should be conditioned, but if you notice salt stains, mix a few tablespoons of white vinegar with water and dab the salt away.
Vegan Leather
Like real leather, vegan leather deals with the same salt issues — and cleaning them is the same. Grab the white vinegar and water, dab and wipe the stains away, allow your shoes to air dry, and then buff in a thin layer of leather conditioner or coconut oil.
Suede is very delicate and requires a little more work to remove salt stains, so you’ll need a soft brush or old toothbrush, white vinegar, and water. Brush as many dry salt deposits as possible, then mix water and vinegar, so you can wipe away the salt, gently and quickly.
Even rubber is not immune to salt stains, and these types of shoes come with an additional type of stain called a bloom. Vinegar and water is still the best thing to use to remove salt stains, but for blooms, you’ll want to use cooking oil to buff them out.