Back view of a woman washing her hair with a shampoo in bathroom
What Is 'Hair Tapping' And What Can It Do For You?
Hair tapping is a scalp massage that uses specific tapping motions during the shampooing process. It can promote hair growth, blood circulation, and thick hair.
Hair tapping has roots in acupuncture, an ancient practice focusing on the body’s energy. Instead of using needles, tapping is more like acupressure since you use your fingers.
To practice hair tapping, massage your scalp starting at the front of your hairline as you shampoo your hair. Frame your forehead with quick tapping motions with your fingers.
Work back and around to the nape of your neck, rapidly tapping all the way. This mimics a drumming motion, which can release tension in the head and neck.
When done on dry hair, you can add products to your fingertips that reportedly enhance hair health and growth like rosemary or castor oil, according to Prevention.
Results will be subtle and occur over time. A 2016 study in the ePlasty journal concluded that regular scalp massages create thicker hair due to increased follicle stimulation.