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What Is Eustress And What Are All The Ways You Can Benefit From It?
Positive Work Stress
According to a recent report from Indeed, workers who embrace eustress — or view stress as a challenge to be overcome — enjoy greater motivation and focus, make fewer mistakes, and are generally happier. A great way to do this is through positive self-talk: don’t be afraid to challenge your inner doubt.
Watch Scary Movies
Believe it or not, science has long held that watching media specifically created to affect your adrenal system (like scary movies) may actually lead to health benefits like increased relaxation and blood circulation. One study even found that watching scary movies can have a positive effect on the ability to regulate one’s emotions.
First-Date Jitters
The nervousness you feel before a first date is actually a form of eustress, meaning those unpleasant feelings are actually good for you in the long run. According to couples counselor Mim Kempson, embracing your first-date fears with a positive stress mindset can lead to benefits such as boosted confidence and curiosity.
Bright Side Of Breakups
According to a study by the American Psychological Association, stress from breakups is directly linked to self-examination and personal growth. Other commonly experienced benefits of breakup eustress are a sense of freedom and motivation to pursue personal goals and the ability to handle future relationship problems.
Improve Your Workout
Physical eustress is not only beneficial but is absolutely essential to exercising properly. When you complete a particularly challenging workout, you may be left with some exhaustion and soreness. Positive stress will also increase your energy, motivate you to keep exercising, and release endorphins.