Cropped shot of slim body woman with flat belly in black leggings and sports bra, standing in gym gym
What Happens When You Don't Wear A Sports Bra When Working Out
Choosing to forgo a bra during exercise may very well be liberating, and some women may consider a bra unnecessary if they don't have large breasts. This may be true for low-impact exercises that don't involve any type of jumping, but going braless during high-impact activities, like running, isn't such a good idea and can also be risky.
If you're doing yoga or any other low-impact activity, not wearing a bra shouldn't be a problem. However, during high-impact exercises, sports bras help to keep the breasts in place and offer support — especially for large-breasted women — that can help you avoid discomfort in the form of back pain or neck pain, and of course, breast pain.
Repetitive high-impact exercise without the support of a sports bra can also put a strain on the breast ligaments, also known as Cooper's ligaments, which can cause the breasts to sag prematurely. According to dermatologist Dr. Anna Karp, "working out without a sports bra, for long periods of time only increases your risk for stretch marks."