Cropped dark portrait of a young woman's face
What Exactly Is A Dark Empath?
Dark empaths share many of the same traits as narcissists, but they’re much harder to identify because of their ability to empathize. Dark empaths use empathy to connect with others only to exploit that connection, but you won’t see their dark side until they’ve completely roped you in.
Emotions & Thoughts
Dark empaths don’t experience the world the same way regular empaths do because while they are sensitive to others' feelings, they don’t feel the need to do anything about it. They are thinking about how to use the other person’s circumstances against them for their own selfish benefit.
Dark Triad
The dark triad includes personality traits from Machiavellianism, psychopathy, and narcissism, according to licensed professional counselor Taylor Cameron. Dark empaths show signs of all three personality traits which include immorality, self-interest, emotional detachment, an inability to feel bad about their actions, and lack of remorse.
Narcissists & Psychopaths
While they seem similar, dark empaths and narcissists are different because narcissists feel little to no empathy and dark empaths can feel bucketloads. Dark empaths are set apart from psychopaths because of their ability to feel empathy as psychopaths are void of emotions and can’t comprehend feelings.
Former therapist Crystal Jackson explains that a way to identify a dark empath is by their “heightened sensitivity.” Their emotions are very real and thanks to their dark triad traits, ​​they abuse what is usually a positive trait to draw people in and manipulate and control them using others’ emotions as a weapon.