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What Does Stealthing Mean?
Content Warning
This story contains discussions of sexual assault and rape.
Many behaviors pertaining to sexual activity are illegal and one that’s becoming more well-known is the act of stealthing. Removing a condom without a partner's knowledge can put them in danger of disease transmission or unwanted pregnancy while robbing them of informed consent.
Putting a name to the behavior of stealthing can help people identify that non-consensual condom removal is a form of rape. Stealthing is not a form of healthy sexual activity, as it denigrates the respect and agency of the affected person.
It's likely this behavior is utilized to intentionally violate the trust of the other partner and assert power over them. There are forms of stealthing that are more subtle like manipulating or pressuring a partner to forgo a condom.
It's important to note that stealthing can affect anyone regardless of gender or sexual identity. Ultimately, consent is paramount in any sexual situation, and if you believe you've been stealthed, you should speak to the proper authorities and report your case.