What Does It Mean When
You ‘Stan’ Something?
“Stan,” Eminem’s iconic 2000 rap song about an obsessive fan, cemented the term “stan” into our vernacular, and it was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2017. Today, people are still saying that they are a “stan” or that they “stan” something, but the word doesn’t have the same dark connotations that it once did.
These days, “stan” has morphed into something more sweet and devotional rather than malicious. How To Geek reports that, when used as a noun, a person can be a “stan” of a celebrity, and these fans can form groups, like Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters or Beyonce’s Bey-Hive; when used as a verb, a person can also “stan” a new song, movie, or book.
Stans themselves should be credited for the term’s newfound popularity, since when the Oxford English Dictionary included the term in 2017, they cited the first internet usage in 2008 as part of its cultural relevance. Since then, the once-negative term has been reclaimed by devoted fans, becoming a catch-all for fans who collectively share their love of a celebrity, trend, or work of art.