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We Already Know What 2023's Most Coveted Nail Art Trends Will Be
Different variations of the glazed donut nails will be all over your social feeds in 2023, but Hailey Bieber's nail artist Zola Ganzorigt showcased soft chrome nails on Instagram as an alternative. You can also take the plunge into darker hues for a rich and expensive chrome look.
French Illusion
French illusion nails are a special twist on the classic French manicure, where you use two colors to create an optical illusion of sorts. Color Street showed off this trend in a gray sparkle on Instagram, which gives you sparkly nail art with the elegance of the French manicure.
Professional nail artist Naomi Yasuda recently showcased various preppy-inspired nail art they created for the Tommy Hilfiger show. Filled with rugby stripes, checkered prints, and logo motifs, these prep school-approved nails will be everywhere in 2023, along with other Y2K fashion.
With the current trends leaning towards the early 2000s fashion, there's no doubt that grungy and edgier beauty is also coming back in. One subtle way you can add a bit of grunge to your look is by adding some "melted" nail polish, such as nail artist Olivia Gane displayed at the Trussardi show.
If having a statement nail isn't your style, there are also minimalist trends on the rise, such as very subtle nail art. This kind of nail art consists of only lines or a single figure, and Nails of LA recently displayed various chic minimalist manicures.