Woman With Hair Clips
Tips For Using A Claw Clip When You Have Thick Hair
If you have thick hair, don’t despair — you, too, can use the claw clip to style your beautiful, heavy locks. It can help your tresses stay out of your face and in place.
The first (and most important) thing to do is to choose a claw clip of the right size and quality. Never skimp on size, and pick a high-quality clip to ensure longevity.
There are two thick hair types: curly and straight. For curls, try a half-up and half-down hairstyle by taking the curls at your temples and twisting them, then add the clip.
Those with long, curly hair can also try the claw clip French knot on a small section of the hair’s top portion. Separate your locks into two sections and tie down the bottom half.
Then, gather the top part like you would a ponytail and twist it, then pull it upward. Fasten it in place with a claw clip before loosening the bottom half of hair.
If you have straight, thick hair, use a hair elastic to tie your hair into a ponytail before attempting the French knot. Long-haired girls might have a harder time achieving this.
If your hair goes past the hip, roll the entire length of your hair into a bun instead. The hair that remains outside the bun should be rolled in layers around the bun and secured.
You can also try using two claw clips. Use the first to pull the top section of your hair back, then use the second to secure another section of hair below that.