"Truro, MA USA - October 11, 2011. Handbag produced by the company Louis Vuitton also called LVMH with the famous LV monogram. LVMH \'s headquarter is in Paris, France."
Tips For Rocking Monogrammed Fashion
It is very popular to have monogrammed handbags because they never go out of style. So instead of opting for a monogrammed piece of clothing that will fade, a handbag’s value will only increase over time.
Modernize It
A lot of people aren’t fans of traditional monograms, so brands have found new ways to subtly incorporate the look. Placing monograms and logos onto pieces like sweatshirts, sweatpants, graphic t-shirts, and hats is an easy way to work in the trend.
Matching Monograms
For a statement look, matching monograms are the perfect way to let the world know your favorite brand. You can pair a matching blazer and pant set, or you can choose accessories that have matching logos.
Be Subtle
The monogrammed trend might be too loud and bold for you, but there are still ways for you to rock this look. A simple pair of monogrammed tights can still be the perfect way for you to try this trend and still be comfortable with your style.
Just as you can be minimal with your monogrammed look, you can also do the exact opposite. A statement outfit would include head-to-toe monogrammed pieces, which include the accessories like handbags, scarves, and gloves.