a woman with her back turned wearing a messy bun
Tips For Picking The Best Bun Type For Your Face Shape
Round faces do not have angular and sharp lines and are not narrow and long. Selena Gomez is the perfect example, as you can trace a circle around her full face.
While more classic buns tend to get lost in round-shaped faces, two buns (known as space buns) won’t get overpowered or appear too overpowering as they might on angular faces.
Amy Abramite, creative director at Maxine Salon, told Byrdie that "an oval face shape is the ideal form for balance" between the forehead, jawline, and cheekbones.
Compact ballerina buns will perfectly suit an oval face’s long yet thin structure. Thus, it’s no surprise that models often have this face shape, like Bella Hadid.
Square & Rectangle
Wide and angular square faces typically have distinct jawlines and a lack of softness or slimness. Rectangle face shapes are similar to square faces, just longer.
Both square and rectangle face shapes typically look excellent with sleek, low buns, which don’t interfere with the face’s defined structure, while high buns can appear out of place.
Abramite told Byrdie what to look for in a diamond-shaped face: "a small pointed chin, wide cheekbones, and a hairline that peaks at the top corner or a narrow forehead."
This describes Megan Fox, who looks striking in a soft, messy bun. She wears a bun with pieces of hair danging in the front, adding dimension to her features and angular jawline.
Heart-shaped faces have larger foreheads that lead down to smaller jawlines. Buns on these faces can be tricky, as they tend to create unbalanced top-heavy looks.
For a balanced look, opt for a bun with bangs to soften your features, whether that’s curtain bangs or light, wispy bangs. Any type of bun with bangs will look beautiful.