Tips For Navigating Different Maturity Levels In A Relationship
Analyze The Difference
It’s important to see where the major discrepancies in maturity are and how important they are to you. Just because a person is emotionally mature enough to handle a relationship, doesn't mean their psychological maturity is up to snuff, and vice versa.
Investigate The Upsides
If you’re the more mature person in the relationship, having a less mature partner can be fun in a lot of ways, as they can bring out your inner child when you really need it. However, if the less mature partner can’t be serious when necessary, that may be an issue.
Is Change Possible?
According to psychologist Patrick Cheatham, “It’s about setting a tone of adulthood and seeing how they respect and respond to that.” Even if their attempt at change is baby steps, that’s a move in the right direction — but some people are just incapable of being mature.
Are They Holding You Back?
People who have different maturity levels usually find themselves at different places in their lives. If you’re the type of person who reaches for the stars and your partner has no interest in evolving any aspect of their life, they might just be holding you back.
Decide If There’s A Future
Different maturity levels can stand in the way of the relationship moving forward. You can’t expect an immature person to have marriage or serious commitment on their mind, so you have to examine if you’re willing to wait for their maturity to catch up to yours.