Gorgeous young woman having done her eye makeup by a professional.
Tips For Embracing The Glazed Eyeshadow Look This Summer
1. Cool Pastels
Cool pastels are a good shade to start with, as they help emphasize the sparkle in the eyeshadow without requiring much product and achieve a somewhat minimalist effect.
Start with a matte base of your favorite cool pastel and add a thin layer of shimmer on top using a translucent shimmer eyeshadow, a lightweight highlighter, or an eye gloss.
2. With Winged Eyeliner
If you're looking for more definition, black liquid eyeliner is a great way to add structure to your glazed eye makeup and give it a flattering lift.
One great example of this look is Gigi Hadid’s Met Gala makeup, which paired a dainty silver eyeshadow with an ultra-precise eyeliner wing for a soft, shimmery vibe.
3. Bronze Glaze
If you prefer warmer tones, a bronze or copper base with a hint of green or gold sparkles will give you a beautiful, lowkey glazed effect.
Keep the shimmer on the lid for a more subtle aesthetic, or bring it up to your brow bone to incorporate it into an uber-bronzed makeup look.
4. Add Depth
If you're worried about a plain glazed eyeshadow aesthetic looking too flat against your eyes, use darker matte shades in the outer corner and crease of your eyelid.
Depending on your eye shape and the level of pigmentation around your eyes, a dark neutral shade may be the contrast you need to give the glazed eyeshadow the dynamism you desire.
5. Monochrome Glaze
When in doubt, stick to one shade for your glazed eyeshadow by selecting a lightweight sparkly eyeshadow in a color that flatters you.
Prep your eyelids with an eyeshadow primer before brushing a smooth, thin layer of the eyeshadow across your eyelid for an effortlessly glowing, glazed look.