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Tips For Decluttering Your Out-Of-Control Beauty Stash
Take Inventory
The first thing you’ll want to do is take inventory of your collection and be aware of your products since, as Racked says, “you can’t organize things if you don’t know you have them.” So gather all your makeup and start to look at each product one by one to assess whether you should keep it.
Toss Expired Makeup
Expired makeup shouldn’t be used on your skin, so there’s no need to keep it. To tell if a product is expired, look at the back of the item for a makeup symbol with a number in the center followed by the letter M, which indicates how many months you can use the product after it’s opened.
Donate What You Can
If you find makeup that hasn't expired, but you’ve tried once and will never use again, you can donate it to a good cause like Project Beauty Share, which gives donated makeup and other cosmetics to people in need. You can also donate your new and lightly used makeup to local shelters in your community.
Organize The Remainder
Once you’ve gone through all your products, it’s time to organize what’s left. There are many ways to go about this: you can put everything in acrylic containers or you can simply store your items in a large bag. Do what makes sense to you while keeping your daily beauty routine in mind.
Resist The Urge To Stockpile
Sometimes, the most crucial decluttering step occurs while you’re shopping, since resisting the urge to stockpile your makeup collection can save future-you a day of decluttering. Nevertheless, if you’re a proud makeup hoarder, we’re happy you took the time to organize it all — that’s progress!