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Tips For Dealing With Loneliness In Your Life
Assess Time Spent Online
Young adults who use social media platforms heavily are more likely to feel socially isolated. Being on these platforms cause you to care more about the number of likes and the amount of “friends” that follow you; instead of being online, use this time to connect with individuals on a deeper level.
Maximize Connection
In-person socializing is difficult, but connecting through a phone call or video chat will create just as strong of a bond. To feel more comfortable initiating phone calls, schedule a block of time with a friend or loved one so you both set aside time to talk and connect.
Help Others
One of the best ways to boost your mood is by volunteering to help people in need. You’ll feel proud of yourself but also meet and connect with other volunteers and the individuals receiving help.
Adopt A Pet
Taking care of an animal is a serious time, energy, and financial commitment, but if you have the appropriate long-term resources and the ability to care for a pet, this will greatly benefit you. 80% of pet owners reported that pets make them feel less lonely.
Talk To A Professional
Online services like BetterHelp and TalkSpace offer mental health support and treatment even if you can't leave your home. Just the act of talking to another person can sometimes ease feelings of loneliness and make the idea of making human connections feel possible again.