Beautiful and cheerful Asian woman standing in her bathroom, holding face cream and applying it to her cheeks and face.She is touching her face and checking pimple, wrinkles and bags under the eyes, during morning beauty routine.
Tips For Adjusting Your Makeup Routine Around Weight Loss And Gain
Start With The Eyes
The eyes usually remain unaffected by changes in weight, so they’re a great place to get comfortable with makeup again. For a simple look, stick to neutral tones you’re comfortable with, blend some darker shadow into your crease, dab some shimmer on your inner corner, and finish with some mascara and a bit of liner.
Try A New Primer
Losing or gaining weight can cause changes to your skin's elasticity, so investing in a good primer is a must. If your skin becomes more oily, try a mattifying primer to tamp down the shine; or, if you lost weight and are feeling a little lackluster, opt for something moisturizing to bring a plump look to your skin.
Invest In New Foundation
More frequent workouts can mean changes to the amount of sun you’re getting, so it’s a good idea to check if your current foundation shade still works for your skin. Changes in weight can also mean changes to your skin texture, so you might have to explore a wide range of foundations, or need one that is more lightweight.
Don’t Contour
It might be a good idea to hold off on heavy contouring until you’re more familiar with what feels comfortable on your face. For example, if you’ve lost weight, it’s likely that your jawline will look sharper and you’ll have more definition around your cheekbones, so you won’t have to apply as much contour as you used to.
Powder Carefully
If you’ve recently lost weight, you might want to tone down your powder usage and only apply a thin layer where you really need it, as too much powder can settle into lines and make your skin look dry. On the other hand, if you’ve gained weight, you can be more liberal with powder, especially to tone down shine.