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Tinder's Dating Dictionary Is Bringing Millenial And Gen Z Singles Together
Tinder, the world’s most popular dating app, has released a dating dictionary. While the guide appears to be aimed specifically at Australian daters, most of the terms apply worldwide, and a quick refresher on the dating terms will most likely help out older daters as well.
To stray away from the typical information included in a basic profile, there has been an emergence of several new terms that app users like to add to refer to their particular traits or behaviors. For example, someone who has a high level of charisma is said to have “rizz,” while someone who prefers to interview you on a first date will take you out on a “dateview.”
There are also numerous new types of relationships to contend with. The Gen Z term “situationship,” is similar to a friend with benefits, and the act of “cushioning” is when someone maintains several relationships at once so they have a backup plan if the focus of their affections becomes unavailable.