woman with concealer on
TikTok's Newest Concealer Hack Brings Your Lightweight Makeup Dreams To Life
TikTok user @seewyen’s video takes the no-makeup look to the next level by forgoing the foundation for a lightweight alternative: a high-quality concealer.
Unlike sheer foundations, a high-quality concealer provides ample coverage. The video notes that this trick requires specific placement and blending of the concealer.
Apply concealer to your forehead, under-eye area, cheeks, and chin. For a seamless base, apply primer after your skincare routine using a primer that suits your skin type.
Starting with a healthy base is central to this lightweight routine as it doesn’t rely on a foundation for additional coverage, so ensure your skin is primed for product.
After your skin prep, apply a generous swipe of medium or full-coverage concealer to your forehead and upper nose with a high-precision concealer brush.
Next, apply concealer under the eyes, from the crease of your nostrils down to the corner of your lip, and then up along the natural curve of your cheekbone.
Lastly, apply a thin, angled stripe up the side of your chin. With the concealer applied, use a blending brush to buffer the product into the skin and spread it outward.
Use a minimal amount of product to keep it as lightweight as possible. When done correctly, this hack covers problem areas while still complementing your natural skin.