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TikTok's Best Tips For Upcycling Your Thrifting Finds
Play With Length And Cut
One of the most popular flips you'll find online simply involves scissors — changing the length. Cotton t-shirts or hoodies can easily have their hems trimmed off to create a shorter look, and while some thrift flippers choose to re-sew the hem, you can also create DIY fringes or add side slits instead.
Size Up
One downside to thrift stores is that you won't always find your favorite styles in your preferred size. To make up for this TikTok creators have shown their innovative abilities by turning oversized pieces into two-piece sets, such as turning a Nike sweatshirt into a two-piece sweatsuit for a toddler.
A stack of solid-colored sweatpants might strike you as nothing more than your ideal work-from-home bottoms, but TikToker Paige Sechrist turns these pieces into a trendy patchwork style. Paige chops up the legs of different pieces to create brand-new, multi-colored sweats and jeans.
Branded Items
The odds of finding a luxury piece within your price range are slim, but luxury logos on dust bags or smaller pieces can be upcycled into wearable, one-of-a-kind looks. Even when bought through retail sites like Etsy, these dust bags are available for just $25, making thrift store finds extremely affordable.
If you find a used piece that you love but you're not quite sold on the color, simple dyes can be your best friend. In addition, dyeing has the added benefit of obscuring any stains or imperfections that a garment may have collected over years of wear.