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Things Employees Want You To Stop Doing When Shopping At Ulta
As fun as shopping at Ulta can be for makeup lovers, an employee notes that you should never put tester products directly on your face, as it can lead to dangerous consequences.
TikToker Rocio Soria shared a video saying that you never put tester mascara on your lashes, which may have been sitting out for a while. It can potentially give you pink eye.
For lipsticks, she suggests using alcohol to clean the product, wipe it, and test it on your hand instead of your lips. You can also ask an employee to open a fresh tester.
Ulta shoppers should also avoid using non-tester products as testers, as it’s disrespectful. It often destroys the product and forces employees to throw it away.
Most importantly, do not be rude to employees. Whether they decline your request to open a new tester product or they can’t find what you’re looking for, always be respectful.