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The Zodiac Signs Ranked From Most To Least Romantic
Equal parts headstrong, sensual, loyal, and romantic, Taurus is a steady partner to have by your side and makes an excellent, lifelong companion. Taurus love to spoil the object of their affection, and prefer to live peaceful, harmonious lives with their beloved, taking care to make them feel loved every moment of the day.
Pisces is an excessively romantic sign that will go to great lengths to make their relationships work. Their intense emotional natures translate into a romance that is deep, meaningful, and dreamy, filled with sweet and chivalrous gestures; their main goal is to ensure their lover feels happy and adored.
Cancer is a warm presence in relationships and connects with their loved ones on a deep, emotional level while consistently tending to their partner’s needs. Romance from a Cancer is simple and quiet and looks like a home-cooked meal, candlelight, and cuddles in front of an old romantic movie.
Leos crave their partner’s undivided attention but don’t mind lavishing the same attention back onto their loved ones when the moment arrives. Leos like to go big with fun, memorable dates; they are forward, creative, and assertive lovers that make wonderful lifelong partners.
Master communicators and witty conversationalists, Gemini is a flirtatious zodiac sign that always knows what to say to win their beloved’s heart. When they find their soulmate, they prefer to show their love with honest communication and grand gestures rather than romanticizing the past.