Woman throwing confetti in the air as she's seated on the floor at a party
The Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Throw The Party Of The Year
Elegant Libra
Libra’s magic manifests in their innate knowledge of how to please a crowd, and once you attend a party thrown by a Libra, you’ll feel as if you’re on a mini-vacation at a beautiful resort. Astrologer Catherine Gerdes says, “Libras have a natural knack for creating an elegant atmosphere,” and “They are very social and initiate conversations.”
Wild Leo
The fiery and extravagant sign, Leo, has huge hearts and adores their friends, so they’ll go to great lengths to create a fun and inviting environment for their guests. Themed parties with costumes and games are likely to be recurrent with the free-spirited Leo in your life, so be prepared to have the time of your life at their parties.
Nurturing Cancer
Instinctual and soothing, these water signs read the emotional needs of those around them, so they want their guests to feel right at home. They are more likely to host a cozy dinner party and send you home with a stack of delicious leftovers, just as any loving mother would do.
Chatty Gemini
Geminis are open-minded and love connecting with others, and you can expect to be introduced to tons of new people at a party thrown by one. Geminis are a lot of fun to be around, and their humor is top-notch.