two people in a heated discussion
The Zodiac Element You Don't Want To Get In A Fight With
Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are fire signs that leap before they look and speak before they think, so this can lead to some hurt feelings. Fire signs are bold, confident, and passionate which makes them wonderful leaders and visionaries.
Aries have big aspirations and aren’t afraid to take a leap, and due to their ruling planet Mars, they are headstrong and hotheaded. Their anger flares up quickly and they can be hot-tempered, but they don’t hold grudges.
Leos won’t always see things from your point of view right off the bat, so it’s best to let things go, and agree to disagree. Leos struggle with what is a balanced and healthy dose of egoism, and when a Leo is irked with you, do your best to play it cool and let them work through the motions of their upset.
Their bluntness often gets them in trouble, and when they’re in a fight, they don’t have a filter or hold back with the insults. If you find yourself in an argument with a Sagittarius, don’t take their harsh words personally, but also hold them accountable.