A slim woman wearing jeans shirt and a colorful scarf with stripes
The Y2K Skinny Scarf Look Is Coming Back. Here's How To Style It
A fun way to sport a skinny scarf is by pairing it with a beret of a different color. If berets aren’t your thing, you can try this look with any hat, regardless of the style, especially if your scarf is a neutral color.
Add Color
The skinny scarf is an easy accessory to make your outfit pop, especially if it’s a pop of color. Thin scarves won’t make you sweat, so you can actually wear them in warmer weather without feeling so uncomfortable.
Apart from adding a new texture or color to your outfit, skinny scarves can also elongate you visually by adding vertical lines to your physique. To achieve the maximum effect, opt for an ultra-long skinny scarf, preferably in a dark shade.
Colorful Scarf
To truly channel the 2000s, pick a scarf that is knitted in multiple vibrant shades and it’s better if it looks a little messy. A scarf like this will immediately make the whole outfit more intentional and you can wear it with almost anything.
Tassels were a huge trend in the early 2000s, and if you had a skinny scarf with tassels, you were definitely a style icon. Since skinny scarves purely serve as a fashion accessory, a skinny scarf with tassels can add some extra movement to your outfit.