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The Vast Benefits Of Tracking Your Ovulation And How To Do It
Knowing when you're ovulating is vital whether you're trying to get pregnant or trying not to get pregnant. The ovulation phase is the only time a woman can conceive during her cycle, so you can choose whether or not to have intercourse during that time depending on if you want a child or not.
There are four phases of the menstrual cycle — menstrual, follicular, ovulation, and luteal — and knowing which phase you’re in has benefits. Your energy levels will be at their highest during the follicular and ovulation phases, while you’ll feel more inward and experience the need to nurture your body with rest during the other phases.
Health Changes
A healthy, regular period (or the lack of one) can reveal a lot about the body's overall health, so tracking your ovulation can alert you to health problems. For example, an extremely light period can indicate anemia, while spotting in between periods can sometimes be a sign of cervical or ovarian cancer.
Spiritual Benefits
The menstrual cycle has long been linked with the phases of the moon, and some cultures believe a woman is at the height of her spiritual intuition during her menstrual phase. “Women have great power during their moons," says Patty Smith of the Leech Lake Band of Minnesota Ojibwe.
Connection With Body
Women have been trained from a young age to resent aspects of their physical image, which has disconnected women from their bodies. By tracking ovulation, women can regain a sense of connection with their bodies, which can lead to greater overall health and a more positive body-mind connection.