two female hands with almond shaped nails and pink nail polish and white embellishments holding a flower
The Ultimate Guide To Picking Your Next Nail Shape
Choose Your Canvas
Before choosing your nail shape, you need to consider what type of artificial nails you want: acrylic, gel nails, dip-powder, or press-on. Acrylic nails are considered the strongest and most long-lasting, while press-ons are less permanent but more affordable.
Round Nails
If you’re new to getting your nails done, short, round nails might work best because they are easy and comfortable to wear, and are natural in appearance. These nails won’t hinder your ability to type or break so easily, so it’s a great place to start.
Square Nails
The simple, short square nails will make your fingers appear slimmer, and your nail beds appear longer. Square nails are very versatile because the length can be adjusted to be longer or shorter depending on your preference.
Squoval nails get their unique name because they aren’t completely square or oval, but somewhere in between. To create this shape, the sides of the tips of the nails are rounded so that there are no sharp points.
The soft curved oval shape is highly feminine, and you'll likely be amazed by how elegant your hands look with this subtly dramatic style. Oval nails are a great way to experiment with longer nail lengths without being over the top.