Beautiful woman with eyelash extension for maximum volume
The TikTok Secret To Perfect Lashes Is All In Twirling Your Mascara Wand
According to a TikTok video posted at the end of 2022, achieving the longest lash comes down to a simple movement while applying your mascara. Instead of brushing your lashes up in one swift motion, it’s all about twirling, and once you perfect this technique, you’ll find yourself with beautiful eyelashes that enhance your eyes.
The hack by TikTokker @AliAndreeaMakeup can be used with a variety of wand and brush types. In her video, she showed how to apply the mascara by starting at the very base of her lash line, twirling it slowly up and away from her eye, and blinking against the brush as she does so to assist the mascara stick to the lashes.
Instead of continually pushing the brush in and out, twisting the wand out will release a more evenly distributed amount of product while preventing air from entering the brush. Once she finishes with the twisting method, you will notice her lashes look noticeably fuller than the typical mascara application method, where you apply multiple strokes of mascara.