A woman with straight brown hair wearing a thick white headband against a blue background
The TikTok Hack That Will Volumize Lifeless Hair
To give your hair more volume, use TikTok user Matt Newman's step-by-step trick to help puff the front pieces of hair up while keeping the sides and back flat.
To mimic Newman's trick, start by adding hairspray to both sides of a comb. Use the comb to brush back the front part of your hair until it's slicked back.
Then, put on a headband and pull it to the center of your head to expose most of the front part of your hair before adding at least three full sprays of hairspray to the hair.
Brush the hair back to flatten strays and add another coat of hairspray, then take out your blow dryer. Blow dry your hair with cold air for a few seconds and remove the headband.
Finally, run your hand through your hair to style it and watch how your hair bounces into place. You won't need to apply any extra hairspray throughout the day.