Two women wearing all denim outfits standing in the street
The Spring Fashion Trend You Should Try Based On Your Zodiac Sign
Aries is one of the more creative and influential signs of the zodiac, so it will be them who bring out the unconventional denim styles. These styles aren’t limited to pants because Aries can rock a jean skirt, top, or jumpsuit with unique detailing.
Taureans are drawn to beautiful things and that’s especially true when it comes to fashion. This spring, try going for a pair of flares, wide-leg pants, or noughties-inspired cargos in some of the brightest hues you can find.
Geminis are dual-sided individuals who can be playful but thoughtful, and magnetic but down-to-earth. The spring trend for a Gemini would be some serious statement earrings from intricate chandelier styles to whimsical shapes, so there is no wrong way to rock them.
Cancers would do well to follow spring’s sparkling sequin trend. Luminescent sequin looks can pull Cancers out of their shell because we know sequins are conversation starters and are sure to grab the attention of those around them.
Indie sleaze is a divisive trend in fashion circles, but if there’s one sign that could pull it off and bring it back, it’s Leo. This provocative trend is a mixture of alternative aesthetics from the early days of social media and includes platforms, cut-off shorts, and metallic bodysuits.