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The Shade-Matching Concealer Trick That Will Prevent A Cakey Look
Concealer is one of the most versatile makeup products because it can erase blemishes, brighten under the eyes, and act as an eyeshadow primer. You might even think concealer can do no wrong, but like every other makeup product, it has drawbacks — perhaps the most aggravating plight faced by beauty lovers is the dreaded appearance of cakey concealer.
To prevent cakiness and creasing, apply concealer sparingly and use the correct color concealer. To find the right color concealer, Melissa Murdick says, “[Lighter colored concealer] makes blemishes more noticeable,” so use a light concealer for your undereyes, a concealer that matches your skin tone for blemishes, and a darker color for your forehead and jaw.
You’ll most likely need different colored concealers for different areas of your face; simply go up and down one shade so you still stick to your color range. Improper skincare can also create cakey makeup, so make sure you address your beauty regimen to target your skin issues — for instance, use extra moisturizers for dry skin.